Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blog Clog

(as posted by Su)

So I haven't been able to access this blog since the May 6 post--an anti-In-n-Out-Burger campaign? One can never know if it is shitty technology or 'purposeful inaccessibility,' but whether Shanghai or Chengdu (checked the connection on a quick trip to Sichuan and also no go), just can't seem to get to 'Shanghailand.'

I had intended to continue writing about Shanghailand, even after returning to the U.S. (in a month). Now more than ever, I'll have to. Accordingly, there is a blog clog right now, not being able to post. The next posts were to be:

Out Singing
Suntory Dumplings
Galaxy Balls
S12: Shanghai Summit

I'll post as soon as I can (seems other blogspot sites are unable to be accessed as well). Thanks for checking in, Dear Reader, and see you at Shanghailand soon.