Monday, April 13, 2009

All the Rage with the Lida Gals

So when warming up the Nursing English classes, I always have them practice simple past tense.  'How was your weekend?'  It was ___________. (Practice past tense of 'be' with adjectives).  'What did you do?'  I __________ed. (and the myriad of irregular verbs that are not just simply teached or buyed.)

Last week, the usual replies of I slept, I played computer, I stayed at home, I watched TV was matched by I went shopping, I went shopping, I sent shopping.  With each 'What did you buy' on many occasions it was 'shoes.'  What color shoes?  'Yellow.'  Five gals over 3 classes purchase yellow shoes.  Spring!
This is an action shot, as Brandy performed her dialogue concerning a fever and what to do.



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