Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Scene by Cherry, Class 2A

Alma:  Tomorrow is Christmas. What do you plan to do on that special day?

Cherry:  I'm not sure. Maybe I will go to a nice restaurant with my friends and celebrate the holiday.

Sherry:  That sounds nice. Do you know the meaning of Christmas?

Alma:  I know it is a western holiday.

Cherry:  Just like the Spring Festival in China.

Sherry:  Not exactly. Christmas is to remember the birth of God's Son, Jesus Christ. He was born many years ago in December.

Alma:  Oh, that's right. I heard of his story before.

Cherry:  That's interesting. I like all the songs about Christmas.

Sherry:  Yes, they all sound so joyful.

Alma:  How about we celebrate the Christmas together? It's tomorrow.

Cherry & Sherry:  That's a good idea.

Cherry:  Oh.  Yes.  Let's.

Alma:  OK. We can make the plan first.

Sherry:  I hope we have a good time.


Blogger peter said...

Hey alice, its peter. Through a rather unfortunate turn of events i've lost access to my e-mail. If you could, shoot me a mail at with susan's and dt's addresses as well.

Thanks! and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2008 at 9:06 AM  

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