Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Moon Festival

How festive are these moon cakes?  It seems to be all in the packaging, from the Croissants de France.  But lo and behold at the top left corner of the beautiful lily-lined tin box, printed in gold (trust me) is the Guangdong brand of moon cake that is famous throughout China.  Aha, west distributing east's best known.  Interesting.  Unless the east is fronting a western name. Duplicitously interesting.

It's a bit too overcast in Shanghai tonight to see the full voluptua of the moon.  But gosh aren't these little moon cakes delicious and flavorful.  Not too sweet, and a real good consistency: firm yet soft.  And a perfect size:  moonettes.  Or is it moon cakettes?  And they melt in your mouth, but there's still flavor to savor and chew.  Great with jasmine tea.

The last time I had a moon festival, a Chinese Moon Festival, was in Guangzhou (Canton is still for the old colonials).  It was a more social situation and lots and lots of visitors came by to greet these exotic foreign teachers, and with each visit came a box of huge, well, full-sized moon cakes.  We literally had a stack of these boxes of full moons up to the ceiling, and I could not bear the sight of them.  

Doesn't modernization mean quality over quantity?

Though these were given to me by the boss company, and they, as you could see from my digs from the last post, have simple yet good taste.
Even mooncakes can's all in the angle of presentation.

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